Dietwise Nutrition Clinics has been an industry leader providing nutrition services to the residential aged care sector in Perth since 1992. We are committed to ensuring that your facility achieves best practice and that Accreditation Standards (Standards 2.10 and 4.8) are met. Our focus is to identify gaps in the provision of nutrition care and provide ongoing support to make you accreditation-ready all the time. You are in expert hands.

What Dietwise can do for your facility

Dietwise will tailor services to suit your unique requirements whether it be regular on-site visits, on-call services, emergency dietitian services or even locum cover for your regular dietitians. For remote facilities, for your convenience we also offer telephone or Skype™ consultations with staff for individual resident reviews or menu reviews. Our range of specialised nutrition services include:

Clinical Review

  • Individual resident reviews including preparation of Nutrition Care Plans
  • Nutrition and Hydration Audits
  • Malnutrition Risk Screening
  • Medical nutrition supplement reviews to ensure cost-effectiveness and appropriateness
  • Review of PEG feeding regimes
  • Management of mealtime issues such as food refusal, wandering, poor appetite
  • Nutrition Documentation Audits

Menu Review & Improvement

  • Provision of Menu Planning Templates and Guidelines for regular texture and texture modified diets
  • Cycle menu reviews
  • Audits on serve sizes, food presentation and plate wastage
  • Computerised recipe analysis and recipe review
  • Provision of guidelines for therapeutic diets
  • Review of texture modified diets

Quality Improvement Activities

  • Preparation for Accreditation
  • Provision of resident and / or family Meal Satisfaction Surveys
  • Implementation of Audits such as serve sizes, meal trays, plate wastage, food presentation, compliance with therapeutic diet orders
  • Development of Mealtime Checklists for behaviour, feeding and environmental issues

Staff Training & Education

We offer interactive workshops and seminars specifically tailored to suit your facility based on an education needs assessment. We will up skill clinical managers, RN's, EN's, team leaders and catering staff to provide them with the necessary tools to provide quality nutrition care and meet Accreditation Standards and best practice guidelines.


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