The team of Dietitians at Dietwise Nutrition Clinics engage audiences of all ages delivering passion, energy and life changing practical nutrition and wellness tips to any event. Whether the target audience is executives, conference delegates, health professionals, factory workers, media, community or school groups, we can tailor a message to add value to your event.  

We love to translate the latest scientific research findings into practical food-on-plate tips to suit any audience. Our presentations are informative, practical and fun to educate, inspire and motivate. We can meet your specific topic request or can easily tailor a presentation to suit your needs.

Our most popular presentations

  • Well Nourished: The Basics
  • Winning Weight Loss
  • Breakfast Matters
  • Eating on the Run
  • Supermarket Savvy- shopping nutrition, taste and good health and deciphering label lingo
  • Kitchen Nutrition- setting up your fridge, cupboard and freezer
  • Smart Meals and Snacks- discover quick, healthful, easy meals and snacks when you're time poor and low in energy
  • Nutrition $ense- achieving good nutrition on a budget
  • Smart Eating to Prevent and Manage Disease
  • Surviving Shiftwork
  • Surviving Food Away From Home- making eating out healthful, adventuresome and enjoyable 
  • Recipe and Meal Makeovers
  • Portion Distortion- understanding recommended serve sizes and food combinations
  • Fast Food: Beyond Burgers
  • Eating your Emotions- learning strategies to take control
  • Eating Mindfully Versus Mindlessly
  • Nutrition Trends: What's Hot and What's Not?
  • Nutrition Magic or Myth
  • Staying Young Longer: How to Turn Back the Clock and Live Longer
  • Brainy Foods to Enhance Your Mind, Mood & Memory