Out team of Dietitians in Perth run our comprehensive Dietwise Weight Management Program to help you lose weight whether it be 3 kilos or 30 plus kilos. Confused about which diet meal plan to follow to achieve your weight loss goals- paleo, 5 2 diet, detox, clean eating or a raw diet? We will support you through your weight loss journey from the beginning to end with long term weight maintenance our ultimate goal. Our program focuses on 5 core elements- nutrition, eating behaviours, lifestyle, attitude and physical activity.

If you have been a victim of 'yoyo' dieting and fad diets we can also help you:

  • stop the diet mentality once and for all

  • adopt a more 'flexitarian' approach to eating- flexible versus rule and restriction-driven eating

  • stop eating your emotions

  • rebuild a positive relationship with food and your body

  • learn to trust and be guided by your body signals- develop a mind-body connection

  • adopt a 'morally neutral' attitude to food

Your journey

Our Dietitians will start your journey by conducting a comprehensive Nutritional Assessment and then teach you what, when and how much to eat providing you with all the practical advice, including an easy-to-follow personalised Eating Plan which will:

  • promote fat loss whilst improving your overall health

  • eliminate fatigue and restore energy

  • fully satisfy your appetite and control cravings

  • allow you to socialise and enjoy it

  • include delicious quick meal and snack ideas the whole family can enjoy

  • be tailored to your food likes and cooking skills

  • fit in with your budget and lifestyle


What you will receive

In order to help you achieve your goals our Dietitians will provide plenty of practical resources and information such as:

  • fully personalised Eating Plans to guide food choices

  • an option for a Computerised Nutrition Check-up

  • specific targets for calories, protein, carbohydrate, fibre, calcium and more key nutrients

  • shopping lists to simplify foos shopping and save time

  • an option for a Supermarket Savvy Tour led by one of our Dietitians

  • quick and easy healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

  • easy-to-understand take home education materials

  • useful smart phone Apps, recipe books and websites

  • contacts of suppliers for specialised food or pharmaceutical products we may prescribe