What Is AIA Vitality?

AIA Vitality is a personalised health and wellbeing points rewards program to support members to make healthier lifestyle choices. AIA has partnered with Sonya Douglas since 2017 to offer Vitality Nutrition Assessments to help eligible members learn more about their eating habits and how to improve them. Sonya has over 30 years’ experience as an Accredited Practising Dietitian and is the Founder and Director of one of Perth’s largest private practices. She is also a Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician. You can read more about Sonya’s qualifications, training and expertise here.

Am I eligible to consult with Sonya under AIA Vitality?

Eligibility to AIA Vitality is through AIA Health Insurance and AIA Life Insurance policies only. Please check your AIA policies for eligibility and enter your AIA Vitality Membership number before booking online with Sonya. If you are eligible under your policy you can receive up to 3 consults in your AIA Vitality membership year.


How much are the consults under AIA Vitality?

The AIA Vitality program offers up to 80% discount on Sonya’s standard fees. Your out of pocket fee will be $35.00 for the initial consult and $25.00 for each review (up to a maximum of 2 reviews per membership year). If you have already had your maximum of 3 consultations per AIA membership year and wish to continue seeing Sonya, her standard fees will then apply as listed on our website here.


What are the points rewards for consults?

In terms of rewards in your 12 month AIA Vitality membership year, you are eligible to earn up to a total of 2000 points from your Vitality Nutrition Assessments- 1000 AIA Vitality Points for your initial consultation and 500 points for each review consultation, capped at 2 per year.


How do I get my points allocated?

Sonya will register your points on the online portal after the consult and when payment has been processed.


How do I book a Vitality Nutrition Assessment?

You can book in by clicking here. Please include your AIA Vitality Membership Number in the appointment notes. Alternatively you can either call our receptionist on (08) 9388 2423 from Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm AWST and Sat 8.00am -12.00pm AWST or email our team on Our Receptionist will contact you to book you in either face-to-face if you live in WA or via phone or video call. Please take special note of your appointment time as Sonya is based in WA. 


What is the process for the consult?

Your consult will be booked in as either face-to-face, phone or videocall. Videocall uses Halaxy, our booking system, and the link will be emailed after your consult is booked. You will be emailed a Patient Intake Form to be completed and submitted online before your scheduled consult. This will take 10 minutes to complete and provides valuable information to maximise the value from your consult. Sonya prioritises sticking to her scheduled times however sometimes short 5-10 minute delays may occur due to the nature of the consults. Please keep an eye on the computer screen for the "Join" button to pop up. This means Sonya has entered the virtual consult room and is letting you in for the consult to start.  


Do I need to have anything prepared for the consult?

Please ensure you have completed and submitted the online AIA New Client Intake Form emailed when your booking was made. Feel free to share any latest blood results or changes in medications or investigation reports with Sonya during or prior to the consultation. These can be emailed to Choose a quiet room for your consultation to ensure good sound quality and minimise distraction. Ensure your audio is working and your computer or phone has ample charge and that your internet connection is strong and stable.

Please have your AIA Vitality Membership number ready