Have you recently made the decision to undergo bariatric surgery and are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of the post-surgery diet? Or have you already had surgery and are needing some support with managing your eating patterns?

Understanding your eating habits prior to your surgery and learning how to navigate the dietary recommendations in preparation for the period after your procedure is a huge part of the journey of bariatric surgery. At Dietwise, our dietitians have extensive experience navigating the pre and post-surgery journeys for individuals with gastric bands, sleeve gastrectomies and bypass procedures.


  • Ensuring you’re getting all the nutrition you require from your smaller portions of food to assist with weight loss and preventing nutritional deficiencies

  • Understanding your new hunger and fullness cues through mindful eating

  • Apply the required skills and knowledge to the nutrition care process prior to and following bariatric surgery

  • Determine realistic healthy eating and weight goals in collaboration with the patient taking into consideration type of surgery, medical history and weight history.

  • Incorporating recommended post-surgery behaviours such as eating slowly, chewing well, and separating fluids from meal times

  • Provide nutrition education prior to and following surgery to support adherence to nutritional recommendations.

Our dietitians are also extremely compassionate and understanding of the difficulties of maintaining weight loss and are there to offer support and advice in the event that you have regained weight after your surgery. They’ll assist with navigating this tricky time, not only from a nutrition perspective but an emotional space, celebrating all the little successes along the way with you and helping you to meet your long term goals. If you’re looking for a dietitian who is there to offer you support and guidance, alongside practical, easy and sustainable strategies, please get in touch with us.