Doctor's Desk


Your safety is our priority. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dietwise has implemented a range of infection prevention and control measures in order to maintain the safety of our community- from our most vulnerable clients, to their family members and our hardworking staff.

The following practices have been implemented to maintain a healthy clinic environment:

  • Mandatory COVID vaccination of Dietitians and support staff

  • Printed fact sheets on cough/sneeze etiquette, hand washing and social distancing

  • Staff education on hand hygiene, infection prevention and control and cough/sneeze etiquette

  • Use of Telehealth (video or phone) consultations if clients or Dietitians have respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhoea

  • Disposable masks and drinking cups available  

  • Requirement of clients to provide a written exemption from a GP to not wear a mask if masks are mandated

  • Daily professional cleaning of waiting rooms, consulting rooms, fidget toys, staff break rooms, reception desk and toilets 

  • Hand sanitiser available at the reception desk, in waiting rooms and in consulting rooms

  • Hand wash and paper towels available at wash basins in toilets

  • Encouragement of 1.5m physical distancing where possible at the reception desk and in the waiting rooms

  • Daily cleaning of any touched surfaces e.g. door handles, lift buttons, switches, railing, desktops and consultation equipment with disinfectant

Other general safety measures include:

  • Daily appropriate waste management techniques followed e.g. sharps container for lancets

  • Use of commercial grade seating that is size inclusive

  • Fire alarm testing, emergency exit signs, emergency evacuation diagrams, and staff trained in evacuation procedures in case of an emergency  

  • Dietitians hold current National Police Clearance Certificates and Working with Children Checks

  • Consultation with other multidisciplinary team members regarding current client safety plans to minimise risk if relevant