Consultation Fees

(In-person or Telehealth- video or phone)

Appointment Length (minutes)


Sonya Douglas                                                                  

Kirasha Maharaj 

Eryn Richards       

Rachel Svenson                                                                 

Caylah Batt                                                                               

Standard initial consultations are 60 minutes except for eating disorders which are 75 minute extended consultations due to the complexity of these conditions.


For NDIS self-managed or plan-managed participants, our fees are $193.99 per hour as per the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits Guide. Read more about NDIS here.

Please Note: We are not a Medicare bulk billing practice and there will be an out-of-pocket fee payable on the day










75 (extended)









No-Show/Late Cancellation Fees

Your appointments are important to us and have been specifically reserved for you. Due to increased demand for our services, missed appointments without notice denies other clients’ access to our specialist services. We will be strictly enforcing our no show/late cancellation policies as follows:


For private paying patients - Providing us with at least 24 hours notice ensures you will not be incurring a cancellation fee. No attempt to contact us within 24 hours of your appointment, 100% of the fee will be charged. If cancelled in less than 24 hours, 50% of the consultation fee will be charged. 

For NDIS participants - 100% of the service fee if you do not attend your appointment within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time or give less than 2 business days’ cancellation notice. 

A rebate cannot be claimed through Medicare or private health funds on no-show/late cancellations.

Computerised Nutritional Analysis

Analysis                                     $85

Analysis + Report                    $247

The report includes recommendations for improvement.

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You may be eligible to claim a Medicare rebate on your dietetic consultation if you have been referred by your GP or medical specialist under a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM) or an Eating Disorder Plan (EDP)

Contact Medicare for further information about rebates.


Most Australian Private Health Funds give a rebate for visits to Accredited Practising Dietitans. The amount is dependent on your level of cover.


Contact your private health fund for further information about rebates.


Dietwise is a provider with the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA). If you have a Gold Card or White Card, there is no fee for a dietetic consult.

You should approach your GP for a referral before your dietetic consult.​ Your GP will fill out the D904 referral form.


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