Our priority is for you to feel at ease rather than feel like you are in a clinical setting. Our rooms have been thoughtfully planned to provide a calm, relaxing, and safe place to make you feel welcome. 

Waiting Rooms

Our waiting room has been thoughtfully planned for your comfort, which includes:

  • Soft lighting on a dimmer

  • A selection of large comfortable chairs, benches with cushions, throw blankets and a rug

  • A TV with an option to relaxing music

  • Jigsaw puzzles, puzzle books, colouring in, Lego, and games on a coffee table

  • Potted plants and greenery

  • Privacy from consulting rooms and reception desk

  • Ample space to ensure physical distancing

  • Disposable masks

  • Disposable ear plugs if you are sensitive to noise

We also have the option of a second waiting room if you prefer more privacy.

Waiting Room Update 2_edited.jpg

Consulting Rooms

Our consulting rooms have been designed for your comfort and relaxation and include:

  • Stunning views of the Perth city skyline

  • Natural lighting with tinted windows and adjustable blinds to reduce glare

  • Air-conditioning at comfortable room temperature 

  • Potted plants and gorgeous room decor

  • Hot relaxing herbal teas and fresh bottled water

  • Dietwise dogs Ella and Sadie available if booked in advance

  • Diffusers with essential oils

  • A collection of fidget toys, plush and weighted toys and puzzles

  • Cushions, weighted blankets, and throw blankets

  • Very comfortable size-inclusive seating and Therapy Pods

  • Hand sanitiser and tissues

  • Carpeted flooring

If attending in person is challenging we are very happy to offer Telehealth (video or phone) using a secure platform.