We deliver an evidence-based approach to weight concerns in Perth

Dietwise North Perth delivers an evidence-based approach to weight concerns. Many of our clients are stuck in the diet-cycle aka the ‘life sucker’. We understand that there is a lifetime of individual experiences behind the desire to lose weight and will always meet with you where you are at in this journey. Our goal is to help you find balance in your relationship with food through teaching you tools for feeding your body adequately throughout the day. We can help our clients break out of the vicious cycle of dieting and instead develop a positive relationship with their food and bodies. This frees up a lot of time and mental energy for living your best life! As we understand that weight is a complex issue that is more than just energy intake and expenditure. Sleep, stress, exercise levels, and even medical history and environmental factors are major contributors to weight concerns. 

Our goal is to help you find balance in your relationship with food where our dietitians will explore beyond the foods you eat by getting in touch with your thoughts, behaviours, and feelings around food and provide practical advice to find a way of eating that works for you. Our dietitians proudly support a weight inclusive approach called are aligned with the Health At Every Size® (HAES®).


The HAES approach is focused on the inclusive and deserving care and treatment of our deserving clients patients regardless of body weight, size, ages, abilities, sexual orientations, gender or culture. We are a team of proud anti-diet warriors who have a combination of lived and learnt experience to help our clients using principles of Intuitive Eating. Our approach is designed to provide a range of health benefits including improved health and wellbeing, optimised energy, intuitive eating principles, and practice flexible eating patterns that honours internal cues of appetite, hunger, and satiety. 


Our mission is to help you rediscover positive health behaviours rather than reshape your body. We believe all bodies are deserving of care and respect and this includes being able to enjoy the foods you love or engaging in exercise you enjoy.  


If you struggle with…

  • Keeping weight off (every diet ‘works’ but you regain the weight after some time)

  • Your body image (you feel uncomfortable in your own skin and with your weight)

  • Food always coming loaded with a side of guilt, shame and anxiety

  • Thoughts of food and how your body looks taking up a LOT of headspace

  • Finding a long-term pattern of eating and movement that feels good for you



  • Constantly feeling like you have ‘blown’ a diet- that it was your fault because of a lack of willpower, and you will start again on Monday

  • Feeling ‘unsafe’ around certain foods- you know that you can’t keep them in the house as you will eat it ALL

  • Finding that the more you try to be ‘good’ around these foods, the more you feel out of control and overeat on these


You're not alone! These are all common concerns among our clients which together we resolve. as we constantly see patients with such complicated issues surrounding the diet mentality. 


For over 30 years, our team of Accredited Practicing Dietitians and Nutritionists have worked with our clients to help them achieve their health and personal goals through a weight neutral approach. At Dietwise, we understand that every individual has a unique relationship with their body, food and movement, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.


We can help you:

  • Unpack the relationship between food, exercise and your body, and how it may be holding you back from doing the things that add richness to life.

  • Help you to reconnect to cues that your body provides around hunger, fullness and satisfaction to nourish your body through mindful eating practices.

  • Provide a supportive, non-judgmental space and strategies towards body acceptance and a body image that frees you to do the activities through which you thrive. 

  • Find a positive relationship with movement- moving your body in ways that feel good to you

  • Push back on diet culture and feel empowered to accept your body ‘right here, right now’ (we know it feels scary)

  • Feel safe around ALL foods, no one food type needs to be restricted

If you are experiencing any weight-related concerns and want to improve your relationship with food and your body, our friendly team of accredited practising dietitians will help you every step of the way. If you would like to make a booking at our practice, please contact us through our Dietwise Enquiry Form or call us on 9388 2423.

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